Thursday, June 2, 2011

Introduction To My Contemporary Blog. And Welcome All

Welcome to my new blog
where I will be posting about my
contempoary pieces and or eco and rust dying.
Ive decided to use this blog as the works are sooo
different to my traditional works.

Ive been trying for ages to work out
whether I'm a traditionalist or a contemporary.
Well it seems I'm both.
So I've stopped fighting it and go with the flow.:)
As I work I'm constantly switching between pieces depending on my mood, or something Ive seen or read.
So far my contemporary textile pieces seem to be
much more earthy in tone and colour.

Due, so far to my love of the semi-randomness
of Rust/Coffee/Eco dying.
No doubt colour will sneak in over time.:)

So Id love it if you joined me on my


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