Monday, June 27, 2011

Doubts be Gone.

As soon as you put an item up for sale.
Those darn ol doubts kick in.
Will others like my work.
Will they like it enough to actually buy it???

Sooooooooooo..New mantra..

I love to Stitch.I love to stitch.

I am doing this for my own pleasure.If others like it as well, then that is a bonus.
If it doesnt sell then my kids will inherit a darned huge heap of
So Doubt in..Doubts Out.
I just HAVE to stitch.
Onwards and Upwards. :)

Stitch Stitch Stitch.

Always Stitching

Friday, June 24, 2011

Who Were They..series

 Its a slow process as I love
the stitching but Hate the finishing.
Working out how to display works.
This particular group is ending up on
a large backing with a hanging strip.
So they can be draped or hung or framed 
Personally I like them as a banner as they still have the movement qualities of fabric. 

Stitching always.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Quake Goddess

I'm getting my contemporary works up on Felt.

A series of 6.
Hand embroidered on paper and fabric.
Each is on black card ready for framing.

She reveals herself in all her Glory .22.2.11
Then fades but doesnt leave completely.

The backgrounds that I stitched on are quite rough and broken up.
Just like we are here in Christchurch.

Stitching always.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Introduction To My Contemporary Blog. And Welcome All

Welcome to my new blog
where I will be posting about my
contempoary pieces and or eco and rust dying.
Ive decided to use this blog as the works are sooo
different to my traditional works.

Ive been trying for ages to work out
whether I'm a traditionalist or a contemporary.
Well it seems I'm both.
So I've stopped fighting it and go with the flow.:)
As I work I'm constantly switching between pieces depending on my mood, or something Ive seen or read.
So far my contemporary textile pieces seem to be
much more earthy in tone and colour.

Due, so far to my love of the semi-randomness
of Rust/Coffee/Eco dying.
No doubt colour will sneak in over time.:)

So Id love it if you joined me on my